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plan de estudios


It’s a group of students at Santafe School in Valledupar in 11 grade at 2:00 pm April 18 for 30 minutes, the teacher’s name is Sophia, she is from Wales, one of the four countries of the United Kingdom, there was also an assistant who interacts with the students while the teacher speaks, his name is Deider, I talked some words with them and they have high level in English language. I had the opportunity to be in the English-Lab, it is a sale supplied by around 30 computers with access to internet, and the teacher has her own microphone which reproduces her voice through two speakers.
The students support their learning English with videos, examples of people speaking, resolving questioning tasks, study of cultures and history of countries. I think the teaching teachers’ way is excellent but the students need more awareness and seriousness.
Some pictures in the English-lab:

The teacher Sophia explaining a topic:


The students have to take the class more seriously and they care a little of learning English I guess (I don’t know students’ mind intention), they understand more or less the teacher’s speech and I think they need to be more aware of their learning, the most difficult I saw in the students is they must be more aware about their learning.
As University students we should form groups of social work that can work with these high school students.


The students support their learning English with videos, examples of people speaking, resolving questioning tasks, study of cultures and history of countries. I think the teaching teachers’ way is excellent but the students need more awareness and seriousness, they have to reach an interest level with the inclusion of the students in the process of constitute new pedagogical material and technological uses in the teaching process.



A few days ago I was getting info about technology in teaching and there was something that really got my attention in China now you can be a virtual student that works very similar like iphones with the icloud that keeps all your information on the web without using memory. For example Andrea has math class so she has a electronic card and she place it in front of the computer and this one is being read in order to sing in, once she is on session she can check everything on the web and does not use any memory of her computer, besides that she has her own profile with a virtual person with her real features. Also you can have an application in your cell phone in order not to miss any class and with your own virtual student you can give speeches and participate as if you were in a traditional classroom.


The idea is to form groups of research in their school and take advantage of their previous basic knowledge, to construct material that can be used in improve the method of teaching English in Bogotá and in Colombia. We may use technological tools as internet groups, the use of the blogs, and the applied research in their community.
Also we could use tools for creating video tutorials focused in our environment and searching new ways in the development of our own educative system.

First, because English is the tool that allows communication with people from other countries in the globalized world in which we live. It is indisputable: English has become the global language of communication excellence.
learn English online free, however, is a fun and engaging approach to English. Due to learn interactively, as in our website, where you can perform exercises of this type in English with a self-evaluation.

I feel that in various ways the teacher is able to get ahead on the path of the teaching learning a secondlanguage.

The teacher is able to design strategies thereforedesigned according to the needs of students. Do not forget that there are plenty of strategies that support this process and further actions that may be able to be applied in line with needs to be fed backif necessary or continue Avantes in the process.

The teacher can rely on teaching strategies, such as translation, the analogy of cognates, the use of role play by's mention some, it is possible that teachershave on hand a strategy that is applicable, at the same time varied for the apprentice.

The human body is a continuous learning processand therefore is able to build their own process ofknowledge and thus is able to apply it while it feeds back and interacts with prior knowledge.

plan de estudios

la idea que yo tengo es mirar a los jovenes que tengan un alto nivel de ingles y sobresalgan para que les puedan dictar talleres de ingles  donde se enseñe alos niños de tres años a ocho años de edad vocabulario,pronunciacion y de esta manera tambien se puede prestar un servivio social ya que de esta manera podemos dar un beneficio ala comunidad, sabiendo que el ingles es muy indispensable ahora entonces seria muy bueno enseñar alos mas pequeños para que mas adelante tengan bases y no sea dificl llevar la enseñanza del ingles en un exelente nivel.
muchos decimos que es dificil el ingles por que se escribe de una manera y se pronuncia de otra  y cuando en los colegios se tienen clases de ingles nos da pereza o no nos gusta por que no sabemos o no entendemos  pero esto es lo que queremos rescatar que cuando hablemos de ingles que a todos nos guste y tambien sabiendo que el el futuro  tendremos que manejar una segunda lengua desde los mas pequeños hasta los mas grandes.
por que se dice que se puede hacer como un servicio social ?
por la sencilla razon que estamos preparando a niños a que aprendan el ingles y lo pronuncien y es alli donde nosotros estamos cooperando con la comunidad y brindando un beneficio.